Professional, Caring, Pet Care Services with Soul, in Burpengary East

​We love your pets as much as you do!

Great dane fascinated by the birds in the trees at Bangalow Cottage Pet Motel.

Our services

Based in Burpengary, Bangalow Cottage Pet Motel provides a wide variety of services for the entire region. We're always ready to listen to your needs, and are committed to finding you the best solution for your situation. We provide a range of caring pet services, at very reasonable rates, so you can be sure your beloved pet is in good hands.


Our team

Our pet loving staff have understanding and experience in pet care. All our staff genuinely care about your pets and understand the important place they hold in your family.

Our team is committed to providing service of the highest standard for the welfare of your beloved animals. You can be sure of a warm, friendly and understanding experience at Bangalow Cottage Pet Motel.

​"I've owned this business now for 26years, and, more than that, I've spent my own time with every individual pet here building relationships! ( relationships that have continued and deepened throughout their lives in many cases.) Never relying totally on kennel hands to deal with every aspect of the pets experience here, is the ONLY way to ensure a peaceful, enriching experience for each animal. I have intentionally kept this business as a smaller boutique style establishment, because I have always wanted it to be a place that I would happily leave my own pets!! Experience has taught me that BIGGER CAN NEVER BE BETTER! Pets need relationships to feel secure..accommodation is only the beginning! I hope all of my clients can feel content knowing this."  Geoff


You love and want to take the best care of your pet. After all, in many households, a pet is considered a very important part of the family! Pets need more than just our love. At Bangalow Cottage Pet Motel, we provide the care and attention your pet needs to keep them happy when you can't be there, and all in the beautiful atmosphere of a garden Retreat. They'll be loving you just as much when you return, as well as everything in between.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the pet services offered at Bangalow Cottage Pet Motel, please contact us , and arrange a visit. You're welcome to bring your pet in too, as we love meeting them. Even call ahead, and arrange to give them a nice,refreshing, herbal hydrobath while you're here!


Sometimes the personality is almost too big for the package it comes in!  :-)

Two happy puppies playing on the bed in their Bungalow-suite, in front of the television.

Life is great, watching your favourite show on your own television in a luxurious Bungalow-suite!

These two pups are having a whale of a time in there own special suite..relaxing after the days activities.

The Joy of Pets! Like Christmas every day!

We love what we do, and so will you!! NOW available 'PICS ON REQUEST'!

Missing them even more than you imagined? We can email you photos of your beautiful friends, as often as you wish! You'll be able to take advantage of PICS ON REQUEST and catch up with the ones you love. Don't forget to send your email address if request is not by email.