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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday  8.30-11.00 4.00-5.30

Wednesday Closed

Saturday 8.30-12.00

Sunday & Public/School Holidays 4.00-5.30

Inspections welcomed, during kennel hours, by appointment, except on Sundays, school and public holidays.



Daily rate Off Peak


Daily rate Easter School Holidays 


Daily rate Midyear School Holidays


Daily rate Christmas School Holidays




DOGGY DAY CARE.                         The daily rate is $19.50, which includes a walk and some delicious treats. Arrival and departure during listed opening hours. Day Care is not possible on Wednesdays or weekends.


RATES are all per pet per calender day, and include GST as well as food, and hydrobaths are included free of charge, for longer stays of seven days or more ( but available any time at additional cost). (May be subject to change.)


MEDICATION can be given during their stay if required, and is $2.00 for each dose.


FOODS are prepared with only the freshest ingredients! Main meals consist of fresh chicken mince, folded through small uncoloured biscuits,  with some water to moisten, and the addition of a choice of fresh cooked pasta, or rice, usually with warm chicken stock prepared specially. Additional meals can be arranged each day for $4. Watch their eyes light up and noses twitch when they catch that delicious aroma! CHRISTMAS DINNER at Bangalow Cottage Pet Motel also includes traditional roast chicken, as a yuletide treat!!! 



Daily rate Off Peak


Daily rate Easter School Holidays


Daily rate Midyear School Holidays


Daily rate Christmas School Holidays


 These rates are per pet per calender day, and include GST, and all food. (May be subject to change.)                                                                                                                          


PAYMENTS may be made by cash, cheque (must show business name in full to be accepted) ( booking of 7 days or more), money order, or electronic funds transfer. Deposits on school holiday bookings, to be paid within a week of making the booking, are not refundable after a 24hour 'cool off' period. Where bookings are cancelled without 72 hours notice prior to the commencement of the booking the client is still committed to payment of the original fee (during school holidays). No refunds for bookings changed after commencement.

EFT (identify payment with pet's name only, and the commencement date of the booking; copy of transaction receipt to be supplied..copy or email).  BSB# 484799  ACCOUNT # 605661510  No credit card/eftpos facility.   Account must be paid at or prior to commencement of boarding period.                     

ABN 72154133121


BIRDS and OTHER SPECIES may also be boarded at Bangalow Cottage Pet Motel.

The daily rate is charged 'per cage' (assuming that the pets have their own) or 'per aquarium', and is $10.00 off peak, and $12.00 during school holidays. These rates are per calender day, including GST. Food specific to the individual species and family, is to be provided by the owner.



Cairne Terrier relaxing in a pluch luxurious bed in the Suites accommodation.


Should you find yourself wishing for a glimpse of those special little guys, and you can't get them out of your head, the answer may be PICS ON DEMAND! You can arrange before leaving, or simply email us while you're away, and we'll do our best to get some special snaps of your special friend, and give you the relief you need. PICS ON DEMAND are yours as often as you like them.

PICS ON DEMAND are only $4.00 each, or $10.00 for three, and they'll arrive in your inbox asap (delays can be unavoidable, but we'll do our best).



Proof of vaccination must be shown each time pets arrive at the kennel. C5 is the minimum level for dogs and F3 for cats.


It is essential that our guest dogs are treated with a tick prevention product, as it is not possible to guarantee the situation, with reports of tick problems being more numerous each year. They can travel anywhere on possums, flying foxes and other anaimals so there are no completely safe spots. There is a wide range of excellent products available. Pets found carrying ticks or fleas will be treated immediately, at the owners expense. 


Pick up and delivery of your pets can be arranged, in advance, almost any time of year. This  must be done during the hours between kennel opening sessions, and the cost will vary according to the suburb.

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Luxurious balinese pet bed platform and plush bedding,  with step for small animals, in bungalow suites.


For Your Very Special Friends.. Dogs and Cats

A New Level of Luxury in Serviced Pet Accomodation.




Twin (& Triple)

Daily rate Off peak


$78.00 ($99.00)

Daily rate Easter School Holidays


$90.00 ($116.00)

Daily rate Midyear Holidays


$85.00 ($107.00)

Daily rate Christmas School Holidays


$90.00 ($116.00)

 Daily rate for Cats


 $55.00 ($75.00)

These rates are per calendar day, and include GST (so no add ons at the end), as well as delicious home cooked foods, walks, 'Playtime in the Park'*, brushing and treats at bedtime. (*at the discretion of the kennel staff).

Cats who are lucky enough to stay in the Bungalow Suites, are treated to Playtime in a new specially secured play area, viewing the garden, under the shade of beautiful trees.


luxury pet accommodation spacious secure comfortable modern hygienic panoramic garden views


UNIQUE IN PET ACCOMMODATION the ultimate experience for the luckiest pets on the world!



Daily Rates Single Twin Share / Triple
Daily rate Off Peak $65.00 $88.00 / $109.00
Daily rate Easter Hols $75.00 $100.00 / $126.00
Daily rate Midyear Hols $70.00 $95.00 / $117.00
Daily rate Christmas Hols $75.00 $100.00 / $126.00
Daily rate Cats $55.00 $65.00 / $85.00






These rates are per calendar day, and include GST, as well as delicious fresh home cooked food, walks daily / 'playtime in the park'*, brushing and yummo treats at bedtime with their favourite tv show.

(*at discretion of staff)

Cats who stay in our premium room will be treated to playtime in a new specially built secure shady play area.


Hydrobaths are included free of charge with longer stays (seven days or more), but are only $9.00 with short stay boarding. However, they are available at any time, without boarding, and during the listed opening hours, by arrangement, for $11.00.


Guided walks (on our property) are available, on request, for all dogs in standard accommodation, for $12.00 per 20 minute walk, and $22.00 for two dogs (who can be walked together).

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