Luxurious comfortable bedding for our special dog and cat guests provided in plush bali influenced Bungalow Suites.


Our Bungalow-Suites are purpose built luxury accomodation to provide a state of the art 'boutique' kennel experience.

  • The suites are tastefully furnished in a plush Balinese style, and the Bungalow nestles amongst shady, tropical gardens. Fully screened rooms, with individual televisions, your friends won't miss their favourite programs as they relax with their evening treats. There is ceiling fan cooling for comfort in summer.
  • Of course, they are serviced daily. Our special, and truly pampered guests enjoy being lavished with individual attention. Their day includes morning and afternoon walks, 'playtime in the park', daily brushing, gourmet meals and a delicious treat at bedtime.
  • Spacious Suites are now available to accommodate our larger guests, staying alone or in pairs, with big screen TV's to match
  • Taking care of a family, guarding the house and kids, can be sooo exhausting! While you're away, send your best friends on a rejuvenating holiday too!
  • Bungalow Suites have access to there own exclusive private, secluded and shady courtyard.

Dedicated pet services in Burpengary

At Bangalow Cottage Pet Motel, we aim to provide the highest quality customer service and pet care to all our clients.

The Large Breed Kennels

Eager faces on two giant dogs in garden.
  • The large breed kennels are airy and spacious. With cavity brick construction and insulating roofing material, our guests stay comfortable all year round.
  • Trampoline beds and soft bedding are provided. You may provide something from home, but be sure it's not your favourite. It's not possible to guarantee its safe return.
  • Every kennel has a covered run attached; these opening into large excercise yards (8x4metres average) so play time isn't restricted to one or two brief sessions. This allows the experience to be one of maximum freedom. All areas are washed and sanitised daily.
  • Secure spaces available for bitches in season.
  • Each day ends with a delicious treat at bedtime.
Small dog kennel buildings, and renovated kitchen/Suites/cattery building, in garden backdrop.

The Small Breed Kennels

Brick kennel buildings and large excercise yards, amongst tropical gardens.
  • The small dog kennels, although equal in size to those of the larger breeds, are completely separate. This space is specially reserved for our smaller guests. They are also in closer proximity to the home, so there is the added advantage of even greater visibility, and communication.
  • Kennels are of cavity brick construction with insulating roofing material. This will keep your little friends comfortable all year round. There is a covered run outside the sleeping area. This then opens into a spacious excercise yard (8x4m on average), so playtime isn't restricted to only one or two sessions daily. All areas are washed and sanitised daily.
  • A selection of trampoline beds and large saucer beds is provided, along with comfy bedding. You may provide something from home, but please be sure it's not your favourite. It is not possible to guarantee it's safe return.
  • Most mini guests are housepets. Being able to commune with others in a secure, non-competitive environment, is a wonderful opportunity for them. It brings a special kind of confidence and security.
  • Activity is plentiful, and they love to explore a new social life, often forming close friendships.
  • Each day ends with a delicious treat at bedtime.

The Cat Shack

Happy cat in newly renovated cattery unit.
  • Fabulous felines relax in our secure, cozy, and roomy walk-in units. They'll be enjoying a wide selection of delicious, fresh foods to tempt their fussy palates.
  • Comfy cushions and blankets for winter stays, keep our purring friends content and comfortable. Summertime stays are made more comfortable with full screening, and shady trees framing the building.
  • Light and airy, each unit has a wide bench to stretch out upon. A purrfectly pleasant atmosphere, listening to relaxing background music.
  • Cat Shack guests relax to the sounds of soft music played all day long.
Individual televisions offered in modern boutique pet accomodation at Bangalow Suites. The main entrace to the newly renovated building housing the pet kitchen and Bangalow Suites. Some of the small dog guests in their excercise yard. The spacious standard large breed kennels amongst native trees and lawns at Bangalow Cottage Pet MOtel. Happy dogs relaxing in the sunny exercise yard outside the special toy dog kennel. Group of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Big and small dogs in the sunshine. the sleek modern kennel kitchen where all the pets meals are lovingly prepared. Exotic flowers and buddha sculpture in tropical garden. Beautiful cat resting. A row of spacious units in cattery.